Buyfeel art inspiration – MIX No.16

Buyfeel art inspiration – MIX No.16

Today we would like to inspire you with production of Jeff Soto, Jiří Máška, Jesse Reno, Alice Pavelcová and Sam Gibbons.

How do you like it?

author: Jeff Soto (painting) (Jeff Soto © – all rights reserved)

Jeff Soto (1975 , California) is an American contemporary artist. Soto attended Riverside Community College from 1993 to 1999, and earned an Associates Degree in Arts. While at RCC, Soto experimented further with art, including works in sculpture, public artworks (graffiti and stenciling), abstract painting, and computer design.  Jeff Soto website and full gallery (

author: Jiří Máška (painting) (Jiri Maska © – all rights reserved)

Jiří Máška (1955, Czechoslovakia) – He attended individual lesson in studio of czech artists Václav Říhánek and  Jiří Rejžek. Later he emigrated to the USA where he continued his studies attending lessons of professor Hanson at Everett College in Washington. Now he is working alternately in Honduras and Czech Republic. Jiří Máška cooperates with Buyfeel international portfolio of art and emotions since 2011 and here is his own profile.

author: Jesse Reno (painting) (Jesse Reno © – all rights reserved)

Jesse Reno is a mixed-media painter living and working in Portland.    More about Jesse Reno

author: Alice Pavelcová (painting) (Alice Pavelcová © – all rights reserved)

Alice Pavelcová (1974, Czechoslovakia) – she graduated as MFA at Tomas Bata University in Zlin. Alice Pavelcová cooperates with Buyfeel international portfolio of art and emotions since 2009 and here is her own profile.

author: Sam Gibbons (painting) (Sam Gibbons © – all rights reserved)

Sam Gibbons (1980, -Youngstown, OH) – he graduated as MFA at Hunter College in New York.   More about Sam Gibbons

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