Inspiration: cestování světem umění

Na našich toulkách za uměním nás tentokrát zaujali tvůrci digitální malby a hyper-realisté. Jak se Vám líbí?

Author: MichaelO – Photoshop techniques with digital painting

Author: Luca Pierro - The works of Luca Pierro express a micro and macro cosmos, where the figure of the artist, who is also the one who photographs, forcefully enters the scene. The protagonist of the portraits is the same photographer.

Author: Alberto Seveso - Beibeees - digital illustrations

Author - Heinz Maier - high speed photography of water drops

Author - Omar Ortiz - Hyper-Realistic Nude Paintings

Author - Tjalf Sparnaay - Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Author - Alice Newberry - digital illustrations

Author - Tom Martin - Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Author - Sebastian Krüger - Paintings




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