Marq Rawls (BE)

born: 1962
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co-op: We represent Mr. Marq Rawls with his exclusive handmade mosaic in pure Venetian Chrystal glass or 24Kt pure gold glass created in original Byzantine traditions. Every order is very individual and unique. Please Contact our arts manager for more informations:

memb: Buyfeel (2013)
course: 2007 – Master course at ORSONI in Venice, Italy

2000 – CISIM (Centro Internazionale Studi Insegnamento Mosaico) in Ravenna, Italy

internship: 2008 – internship at studio of Thierry HOCHARD in Paris, France
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exhb:: 2007 – The International Mosaic Biennale in Tokyo
  • This mosaic created following craftsmanship traditions, meaning handmade from the highest quality, namely pure Chrystal glass from Venice. This Chrystal glass is manufactured by the family Orsoni, that also has created the colourful mosaics on the world famous Sagrada Familia (A. Gaudi) in Barcelona. This high standard Chrystal glass is colour resistant for 500 years.
  • Marq Rawls also uses a very special traditional Chrystal glass for example with 24Kt pure gold (35 yellow or white gold shades)
  • You buy an original mosaic work created in original Byzantine traditions.
  • You can also order exclusively created house number in pure Venetian Chrystal glass. Handmade and in the colours of your preference (choose within 100 colours). Contact us for more informations.




brochure about mosaic from Marq Rawls



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